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"Without a doubt, Ayala water is not only refreshing and invigorating, but has a soothing and calming effect."


Just came across your herbal teas at Johns Hopkins. SO wonderful and cannot pick a fave. Great product for a Crohns patient....no artifical ick, no sugars, just fabulous natural flavors! I think Im swooning :)


AYALA is my morning coffee and my evening cocktail....flat or bubbly it covers my days and nights. With my husband overseas, I play mom and dad, work and hold down the house plus so much more. AYALA is my little piece of happiness, my little slice of heaven...especially in tough times...most recently finding out my hubbys leave was canceled with the shutdown. But with a roof over our heads, food in the pantry and ayala in the fridge we stay postive. Thanks bunches ♡


I've been addicted to Ayala's water since I think the fall of 2007, when I visited Philly with my kids to visit the King Tut exhibit and we had some herbal water samples while walking around town... been ordering it ever since!


Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!! Caffeine free and sugar free is tough to find. Try for natural or organic and the choice is usually limited to just one...water.  Refreshing? Check! Healthy? You bet!  A palate-pleasing treat for your tastebuds? Well...not always. Enter Herbal Waters, stage left. I scoffed. It's just water with flavorings, afterall. O, contraire! They are so very delicious! And then I found the chamomile bergamot vanilla tea. Bergamot, for the love of all things tasty!  It's like catnip for people! Do you hear angels singing or is it just me?


Aloha ~
I just wanted to thank you so much for such a wonderful product !!  My Boss
bought me 2 cases last year, and I was instantly hooked, as I am a seltzer
drinker (like 4 1 liter bottles daily), and she thought I would love the
sparkling herbal water, which she was right - I LOVE it.  Well, I in turn,
turned my biggest customer onto it, and he, and his wife are hooked.  He
surprised me this morning with fed ex showing up @ my house delivering 12
cases of sparkling herbal water !!!!!  I nearly had a heart attack, and
started crying happy tears !!!!  Any-who - thanks so much, and keep doing
what you do - love your sparkling herbal water.  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


I was in Whole Foods recently trying a few different brands of herbal water & I discovered your lemongrass vanilla mint herbal water. In past, I would add fresh herbs or juice of citrus fruits to my own filtered water, but after tasting your herbal water-voila !!!  It is so refreshing and soothing. I found it today also at my local grocery called Breaux Mart, so I bought all the lemongrass on their shelf, OMG I'm hooked !!! Thank you for creating something so organic and natural, many thanks!


I'm thoroughly enjoying your lemongrass mint vanilla Herbal Water as my reward for finally cleaning out my car on this hot hot hot summer day! It's so refreshing and tastes AWESOME! I love how each flavor has its own solo, yet as I swallow, all the flavors form one beautiful unison note!


I picked up a few of your products at Whole Foods in Wynnewood this week. Phenomenal idea and product! My wife and I have been into organic foods since she was first pregnant. Decent low/zero sugar, low/zero calorie, non-chemical drinks are few and far between and I commend you on your amazing products. I feel like I'm at a spa.


Someone in our close family was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. While
on a quick stop at Guido' market in western MA we came across your waters.
AMAZING!!! We can't wait to see it here in CT where we live. I seldom write
to companies, but this product is so good, I can see myself never drinking
another soda. Great job!!! I wish you folks much success!


An incredibly healthful and delicious product! I recently savored your Cinnamon, Clove and Cardamon Water and it was BRILLIANTLY GOOD! Never have I had such a perfect combination in a beverage. I'm hooked! Thanks for doing what you do so incredibly well.


I am your number one fan!  I just found these waters about three months ago.  I have people buying them for me and I purchase CASES of them.... ALL OF THEM... I can't tell you how amazing this INCERDIBLE product is!!  Scent, taste, packaging, clean, pure, essential... AND MOST IMPORTANTLY...."REAL"!!!  This herbal water far outshines every other drink on the market.  Hands down!  First prize!  Olympic gold!  I work with the public and I am your number one spokesperson and proud of it.  I just had to write to tell you that your water is one of the highlights of my day.  And I mean every word here.  I want your product around forever.


I just wanted to let you know that this water has been the FIRST thing in years that has satisfied my quench for wanting soda.  Thank you! It's amazing and I love it!!


I just want to say how amazing your product is. Using your water (and a few others like it- no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, just water and essence)I have managed to cut almost all of the HFCS out of my diet. I certainly don't drink soda anymore! In fact, the last time I went for an adult beverage with friends, I noticed how cloying and overly sweet the mixer tasted. Over the last year and a half or so I have lost almost a hundred pounds, and I credit a lot of it to drinking more water and to being more aware of the things I put in my body. Please continue making this stuff! And keep coming out with new flavors! Maybe like a mint basil? Or something with a violet or rose flavour? Love you guys and this H2O!


Just wanted to let you guys know you have a wonderful product.  I love flavored teas etc. but am limited in drinking them bc of the caffeine.  Your water is a perfect solution! and delicious.


I usually do not like flavored water, but decided to try your lemon grass mint vanilla one day because the mix of flavors sounded delicious. This is the first favorite water that I really really love! I always buy it now.

Thanks for making a great product!!


I came across your Herbal Water several weeks ago while shopping at the Sultan Center, a popular grocery chain here in Kuwait.  I started off with the Cinnamon Orange Peel and the LemonGrass Mint Vanilla.  Which I must say have a taste that I've never experienced in bottled water before.  Very refreshing and full of life.  I then tried the Cloves Cardamom Cinnamon again another taste that I've never experienced before…Ayala's water sparks that "set your mind free feeling" and anything is possible.

Absolutely marvelous if you don't mind me saying.  Great people, Great Water.


I just tried your lemon verbana and rose geranium water and it is fantastic!
I adore exotic flavorings in foods; chocolates, ice cream and now water! The rose is the creme de la creme, reminds me of a homemade ice cream place in Cambridge, MA I used to frequent. Thank you and keep up the deliciousness!


Just wanted to tell you that I was at World Market, today, and decided to give the Lemongrass, Mint and Vanilla Herbal Water a try. Honestly, I told my daughter that I was going to take a risk, but it would, likely, taste terrible. Oh my goodness, was I wrong! It was so good that I felt the need to e-mail you and let you know. Now, I never do that, but I loved it so much that I decided to break out of the norm. While drinking it, I texted my friend and told him that your water was like sipping a crisp slice of Heaven. Cheers to the person who came up with that combination! I was so sad when the bottle was empty! So, I guess I will have to go back and buy some more!


I tried your "cloves, cardamom, cinnamon" water for the first time & I absolutely love it.  The ingredients in this water have a warmth to it & this water reminds me of Christmas.


Thank you for making this AMAZING product!! I served the lemongrass mint vanilla with a Vietnamese dinner-perfect. Outstanding flavors, stellar ingredients & glass bottle. There's nothing about this product I don't love!!  Continued success Best, Laura


I just wanted to let you know that I tried Herbal Water lavender mint today for the first time and I am HOOKED!  I absolutely LOVED IT..I can't wait to try all the flavors!  It's so hard to find good flavored water without carbonation or artificial sweeteners.  I will definitely be keeping this in my fridge from now on.


I really like this water. I tried it for the first this week. It's really great in smoothies (vs using milk), it gives them a juiced taste. Love it!


I went to whole foods today and bought the most awesome water. Not sure when they started but, I would drink this everyday it is that awesome. I bought the Lemon verbena geranium flavor " Ayala's Herbal water is the company. It tastes like you just walked out of a really good massage in some swanky spa and they gave you water infused with fruit and herbs after your treatment. It is so good (and I had it warm!) Can't imagine what it would have tasted like cold with ice. Ok, I know I'm going on about water but….


Just a quick comment to let everyone at Ayala's Herbal Water know you are the BEST!!!! The product  tastes exquisite and is so refreshing; customer service is great; I receive my order so quickly; I can't say enough - everyone should be drinking Herbal Water!!!!

Diane and Chris:

We just tried your herbal water tonight for the first time and it is awesome!!  We purchased at New Seasons and will definitely be buying more flavors soon!!  Thank you!


I rec'd my case of the variety pack of water this week and am so excited to try each one. Today I'm having a rough day at work so I thought I'd try the lavender mint since lavender has soothing qualities and hopefully would help me just get through the next thing I have to do. Well, I'm about halfway through the bottle, realizing it's my favorite so far, and I feel a lot better. Granted this may be psychosomatic, which I'm willing to admit, but I would like to think that your water has contributed to the feeling of calm I have now. I feel so much better and wanted to share that with you.

Have an amazing day! Thank you!


I never thought I could give up soda...hate plain water and then learned about your's. I've lost about 20 so far and am on my journey.


Hello! I tasted my first Ayala's Herbal Water this weekend and am so impressed! I am usually one of those "lead a horse to water but can't make (him/her) drink" people, but Ayala's Herbal Water could quickly make me a water junkie. Only problem is that the closest known source is 30 miles away and gasoline prices preclude frequent water runs. Do you have any distributors/retail sources closer to Lancaster, PA (zip 17601)? I have a feeling that I will become a repeat customer, once I locate a nearby source...and that, for me,is preferable to shipping directly to my home.

Catherine: Yes, Herbal Water is available in several locations near you. Get a full list here.

Brooke C.:

I tried your water yesterday at the All Things Organic/Fancy Food Show in Chicago and got right online this morning to find out how I could order some! I am already planning on ordering cases for mother's day gifts, birthday gifts, etc. Your water is EXCELLENT! This is coming from a person who does not like any kind of flavored beverage because of the artificial, overwhelming sweetness. I drink ONLY water and fresh brewed (unsweetened) teas because I don't like the sugars in juices, iced teas, etc. When I was given a sample of your water yesterday I was prepared to dislike it, but was SO pleased to LOVE it! And I LOVE all those ZEROS on the back of that bottle! This is exactly what I've been looking for to get a little flavor without compromising the healthy lifetstyle I strive for. THANK YOU!!


This is the best flavored water I've ever had.


Just to let you know, I have decided, as of this morning, to quit (yikes!!!) Diet Coke (this is my morning "coffee"). My one vice.....anyway, I will purchase a case of Herbal Water from Whole Foods. If your sales increase dramatically from the Wynnewood store, you'll know why! Thank goodness you brought Herbal Water to market. Now I actually have something with flavor that can help me drink more water (and help me to stop drinking diet soda!).


I just discovered this water and had to say it is the most outstanding addition to my "nutrition." What an amazing concept and perfectly done. The taste is amazing!!!


I'm heading up to Philly tomorrow for the long weekend and wanted to know where I could find your water. I just received my shipment, and I love them!

I'll probably work my way through one of each flavor in the sampler before I leave! Keep up the great work!


I had the pleasure of trying your product. By far is the best I ever had. I liked it so much that I immediately ordered a case. Thank you for coming up with a natural product.


I've had a few of your flavor herbal waters and I'm hooked. Where can I purchase them? I live in the Philadelphia area. Thanks for a great product.


This water is simply FABULOUS. Its just what I was HOPING someone would finally create. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I work at infusion coffee and tea in Bella Vista, South Philly. We carry your water and I adore it.


As one may expect, herbal water may be construed as just a therapeutic beverage, though it does serve this purpose. But, after experiencing the subtle, positive affects of the herbs and the surprising good taste of Ayala, I was immediately hooked and so was my staff. I think it is going to be a big hit!


With out a doubt, Ayala water is not only refreshing and invigorating, but has a soothing and calming effect. Spending long hours on the court as a tennis pro, my mind and body welcomes this new and exciting herbal water (my personal favourite being the cinnamon clove).


This is delicious!! I just tried your product (lemongrass mint vanilla) for the first time and I am hooked already. Great product.


I feel obliged to praise this heavenly tasting elixir, which appealed to every one of my taste buds, and fortunate for me that this company happens to be situated a mere bottle cap toss away. please inform this rather selective consumer where said flavored beverages can be purchased as soon as possible.


Great beverage!  I was unsure about trying the free sample I was offered, but I'm glad I did.  This is so much better than drinking a Vitamin Water or another "too sweet" beverage. Thanks.


In the last couple of weeks I've had the good fortune to sample your water, and love it!  It is the best!!  Wonderful refreshing taste and no sugars or artificial flavors.  Can you tell me where in Philadelphia it will be sold? Thank you.


I LOVE your product! Any chance you can get them into Whole Foods? Thanks!


I just discovered your water at The Foodery over the weekend and it is incredible.  I moved to philly over a year ago from the West coast and it reminds me of a product that would have come out in boulder Colorado or San Fran.  I have bought every flavor and I think they are all very tasty.


Could you please tell me where I can find the Ayala Herbal Water in Phila and New York areas.  It's a wonderful product and so clean tasting...Thank you.


I've been looking for a all natural soft drink without high fructose corn syrup and other crap in every product you buy. Which of course is the cause of my type 2 diabetes. Thanks.


I like the water.  I try not to drink soda or corn-syrup based products and I would buy this product.  Your representative was very informative...


I just got a free sample at 19th and Chestnut.  THANK YOU for not adding sugar to your product.


Tried a bottle after sampling at the Essene market on 4th Street in Philadelphia today....enjoyed the lemongrass-mint vanilla concoctionx.would like to know if any nearby retailers carry your product.  Would like to try them all. Thanks for such a refreshing product.