Artesian Water


Artesian water comes from an artesian aquifer, which is a special kind of confined, underground aquifer that creates an upward flow of water to the surface.

This natural phenomenon occurs when groundwater seeps into a layer of porous stone, such as sandstone or limestone, sandwiched between impermeable layers of stone and clay.  The water becomes trapped in the porous stone, and the pressure is great enough that, when tapped with a well, it naturally rises to ground level without pumping.


Ayala's artesian well

All of Ayala's Herbal Water blends are made with artesian water from an artesian well in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.  Since our well is naturally pressurized, we do not waste energy pumping, and this helps us maintain an even more environmentally sustainable business operation.

After our water arrives at the surface, it undergoes a multi-stage purification process, which includes exposure to ultra-violet light and reverse osmosis.  The result is crisp, clean tasting, and pure water primed for our delicious blends of organic culinary herbs.