Organic Herbs


The secret to the great taste of Ayala's Herbal Water and tea blends is organic culinary herbs and spices. We are proud of our ingredients and commit to only using the freshest, certified organic ingredients.

Culinary herbs are distinguished as the leafy green part of a plant or shrub, while culinary spices refer to seeds, roots, berries, buds, and other parts of the plant. Both herbs and spices are true gifts from nature that enhance and enrich foods and drinks with rich flavors and aromas. Ayala's Herbal Water contains various organic herbs and spices grown domestically and internationally:

One sip of Ayala's Herbal Water transports you to a delicious world of pure, all-natural taste free of any artificial additives or preservatives. Herbal Water employs culinary herbs and spices in their natural form, skillfully blended into exciting and enticing combinations and infused into purified artisanal water.